#60809 GT6 Pista 1/8th On-Road GT Body-Shell
BLITZ is proud to announce the next evolution to their all conquering 1/8th GT body, the highly anticipated GT6 Pista.
The BLITZ GT-6 Pistabody-shell features a high performance body shape with enhanced aerodynamics and outstanding aesthetics. Designed to fit all 1/8GT short wheel base chassis(325mm),the GT-6 Pista has been designed in close adherence to all IFMAR GT GBS specifications. It has an EFRA homologation number of EFRA-6008.
The standard version of GT6 is molded from 1.0mm high quality polycarbonate while the light version is made from 0.7mm. Both body types include a 1.0mm high performance wing and wing mounting hardware, along with headlight decals and window masks.
  Note: GT6 Body-Shell is sold in clear unpainted.
#60809-10 BLITZ GT6  1.0mm
#60809-07 BLITZ GT6  0.7mm Light