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  Welcome our new Finland distributor   GSB RACING
Alumiinitie 5, Tila 21 15880 HOLLOLA, FINLAND
Tel: +358-500-252600 ....
#60913 BLITZ YRS-M 1/10th
Mini (225) FWD Car Bodyshell
The European(EFRA) 1/10 FWD Class Winning Body-shell BLITZ YRS is converted into 1/10 Mini spec. The YRS-M has based on BLITZ YRS.....
Titanium Screw for Servo

  New Titanium screw TS-0308 is a special design screw for mounting the servo without extra shims and no play, The screw is made from....
#60229 BLITZ YRS 1/10th
FWD Car Bodyshell
New BLITZ YRS body-shell for FWD Class, the YRS body is designed to give more steering and stability for both front and middle....
Zero Play Titanium 3mm Screw

  New zero play titanium screw is designed for use on the upper deck and shock tower, the zero play screw with 3.00mm diameter...
#60230 BLITZ TCN 1/10th
Touring Car Bodyshell
Introducing the newest from Blitz TCN 1/10 190mm touring car bodyshell. Featuring a low-profile design which has become a industry...