#11009   0.9mm X 100mm Length Hex Wrench


  Titan 0.9mm hex wrench,with 0.9mm hex tips,special size for R/C hex screw.
BLITZ #60220 GSF-II 1/10th EP 190mm Body shell
Building on the characteristics of the original GSF, The GSF-II has been further refined to provide outstanding steering response and increased....
Titan Ultra Pinion 64dp 53T~56T

  These are the latest TiTAN Ultra Pinions for stock racers. These 64dp pinions come in the 53T – 56T range...
#60805 BLITZ GT2-1.0mm
Team Titan Blitz is proud to introduce the BLITZ GT2 body shell. Our second 1/8th GT Body shell designed to fit most 1/8th GT....
ARC R8.0 take 5th,7th .9th in ENS 2015 season finalist

  2015 ENS has finished it's finale in Fiorano, Italy last weekend. ARC R8.0 completed the entire ENS season with extremely....
BLITZ VSR 1/10th 200mm Touring Car bodyshell
The BLITZ VSR was designed for 1/10th 200mm Touring Car chassis. The VSR provides very stable and smooth handling....