#42007 Receiver power line
JST connector

  New Connector line for receiver with JST connector , It can use for Nitro Power Car power connector or Electronic car for Cooling fan....
NEW BLITZ 1/8th GT Body
New BLITZ GT Body, meeting the demand for the exciting new 1/8th On-Road GT class.We set out to provide a realistic looking two....
Wang HaiFeng (Motor King) Joins BLITZ

  The new version Body post 60603-V2 come with increase an O’ring into nylon nuts It will helpful to fasten the height....
BLITZ GSF 1/10th 190mm Body
Introducing the first BLITZ F1 Race Body, the BLITZ F101. Designed to fit most 1/10 F1 EP Chassis, incorporating a modern high nose design....
Wang HaiFeng (Motor King) Joins BLITZ

  China Top Driver Wang HaiFeng joins BLITZ Race Body team.
BLITZ F101 Race Body #60907
TS02E is designed for 1/10th 200mm E/P On-Road Car like ARC R10W.With TS02E racing car body,the 1/10 car can set similar lap time like....

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