60122 BLITZ RS5 1/10 200mm Touring Car Bodyshell
The BLITZ RS5 is Blitz’s latest 1/10th scale 200mm touring car bodyshell. It fits both Nitro and Electric 200mm touring car chassis. Both steering and stability of RS5 bodyshell were fine tuned in order to make the neutral balanced handling characteristics. It will make most cars to be very easy to drive on different tracks. The RS5 bodyshell was built from high quality clear polycarbonate with 2 different thickness options, the 0.8mm regular weight and 0.7mm light weight. All RS5 bodyshell come with window mask for painting, high quality decal sticker and rear wing mounting hardware.
#60122-08 BLITZ RS5 1/10 200mm Body 0.8mm
#60122-07 BLITZ RS5 1/10 200mm Body 0.7mm